The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery.
-Mark Van Doren

Meet our amazing teachers of See Yoga retreats who will be here for you to guide you through your practice on the mat. Each of them is different and so special. With each of them, you will experience a unique yoga lesson full of creative variations and transitions.

Laura was combining her PhD in Marine Biology with her career as a dancer when she realized she was not happy. So she decided to quit everything and start to explore. Her creativity took her to become a professional photographer. She worked for all sorts of persons and brands for 7 years. But when she first tried yoga in 2006 it was love at first sight. In 2015 she decided to be a Certified Yoga Teacher (RYT 200) and realized this was her path. Since then she joined all sorts of trainings related to coaching, neurolinguistic programing, dance and yoga. She's also a family constellation facilitator and a doula. Nowadays, she's leading not only yoga retreats in Gran Canaria, but also the sessions of MOA, Liderarte, Luar, Teacher trainings and private coaching sessions. She is also a mom of two girls with who she feels learning and transforming daily.<br /> Simply said - Laura never stops learning, moving forward and sharing her knowledge to empower the others do the same.
Director and Yoga teacher
After finishing her information management and marketing studies in Slovakia, Martina packed her bags and came to live the life of her dreams. Waking up to the sound of the ocean waves, having the sun warming up her face all the time, and feeling the salty breeze in her hair - that was what she dreamed of. And that is what she found in Gran Canaria.</p> <p>In See Yoga, she will take you to the world of dancing, which she first discovered when she was 4 years old. She started with figure skating and ballet, later turned into a competitive ballroom and latin dancer, until she realized, the life is not about the competitions. Since then her filosophy on the dance floor is: "passion over profession". She completed the courses of reggaeton, dancehall and ladies styling. And that is what she wants to share with you in See Yoga.
Dance teacher and Manager
Patricia has always admired art and music, especially singing. She studied Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Goods at the University of Granada. It was there where she also began to approach yoga out of curiosity. In eternal learning, in pure connection. On her return to Gran Canaria, she decided to deepen into the study of both music and yoga, so she was certified as a yoga teacher (200 h E-RYT). Now, she enjoys her two lives, so complementary and different, as a professional singer and yoga teacher.
Yoga teacher
Born and raised in Costa Brava with a slow and gentle montessori childhood. Lover of the sea and sunsets, of the outdoor sports and the yoga practice. She studied Sports Science in the Canary Islands and did a Masters Degree in Education. She immediately felt at home and in awe of the quality of the island lifestyle. After university she didn’t have a clear idea of what she wanted to do and in a moment of doubt and confusion, came to her the idea of going deeper with yoga. Since then, she joined all sorts of yoga teacher trainings always willing to learn more about yoga and how she can implement the practice, a tool, a philosophy in my life. Throgh the elements of ayurveda and the practice of elemental vinyasa krama, she will open you a space to understand your own nature and rhythm. Slowly giving you the key of long term well being: physically, mentally and emotionally.
Yoga teacher
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