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Are you planning teambuilding in Gran Canaria and you want to give your people something special? Something that will awaken their creativity, and provide them with the energy to work more calmly and effectively? Do you think that your team and yourself need some and relax and release? You just found the right place.

We will be happy to organize our movement and yoga sessions for you and your team either in our studio or anywhere else on the island.


Because your team deserves to move

Office spaces and meeting room environments, increasing competition and mounting pressure to perform. All of this creates an unpleasant atmosphere in the workplace in the long term. The foundation of a thriving company is happy employees. But how to awaken motivation and the right "drive" in them? By giving them a space to move - both physically and emotionally.

In See Yoga, we invite your team to relax and release. To breathe, dance and let go of any tensions within the team.

Why do we find it so important to invite your team to join us on a yoga mat? Yes, they will relax a lot, but there are much more benefits than this:
- yoga helps to relieve all of the work-related body pains,
- according to the studies, it helps to reduce the health-care costs of the companies by 25%,
- it helps the employees to react more calmly in various stressful situations.
We named just 3 reasons, but we bet you are already ready to bring your team to the yoga studio.
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Are you looking for fun and energy boost for your team? An opportunity to express yourselves, your emotions, and your feelings through movement? A space to find your passion? Join us on the danefloor! We offer:
- reggaeton dance lessons,
- dancehall classes,
- latin (singles, pairs, choreography),
- ladies empowerment lessons.
Choose the ones that fits your team the best.
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Business constellations is a powerful method to give some new perspective to any problem happening in a company. With this sessions you will get a new understanding of the problem and clarity on how to act as a leader. It’s Constellations are a great tool to find solutions for recurring issues happening in the company. It can also help with decisions about changes in the organization, leadership, strategy development, team conflicts and team building.
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Our studio is a blank sheet of paper where we can paint whatever we want. The space has to accompany and support, that’s why it is diaphanous, clear, and clean. A place where you feel at ease to build whatever you want. The air and everything else circulate easily.


Does your team stay in the accommodation with a big terrace with an ocean view? Or maybe you have a big garden available? And you would like to experience your Gran Canaria movement sessions there? Not a problem. We will be happy to update our offers direct to your needs.


We can help you and your team arrange the accommodation. Contact us for more information.

  • spacious private rooms with private bathrooms for 2 people
  • shared kitchen and the living room
  • 75m from the beach
  • first or second line to the beach promenade
  • options with balcony
  • clean and fully equipped
  • coworking areas
  • modern renovated rooms
  • close to the beach
What is teambuilding?
It is a fun team activity organized for all types of organizations that helps to foster cohesion within a team. Participants learn to discover each other and develop a real connection during the practice. This event increases the efficiency and productivity of the team in everything they do. The team building’s benefits are often minimized, it is a real bonus for the success of your projects.
At See yoga, we offer a unique experience to your teams. Let them discover the benefits of movement, the sensations that this practice generates and the positive impact it will have on the general atmosphere of work within your organization.
Why organizing a teambuilding?
The work environment within a company is a key factor in the success of your business, that's why you should not neglect it but rather invest in it to stand out.
Participating in a team building allows you to create and strengthen the links within a team. It is a way to get to know your colleagues in a different way than in the professional context, by being interested in who they really are and not in their status within the organization.
A good team building event generates significant results for the company, a long-term return on investment.
Participants create a real connection, helping each other to achieve a better result together. Team building fosters problem solving skills, brainstorming for solutions to problems and constantly moving forward. The collective enthusiasm encourages a competitive spirit, doing everything possible to succeed through strong bonds and personal growth.
With this overall improvement in organizational behavior, you will see a positive change in the effectiveness, interpersonal relationships and creativity of your teams. Goals will be reached more quickly due to improved productivity and you will be able to take on new challenges.
So if you want to stop working as a group and start working as a team, you know what you have to do.
Why See Yoga?
The See Yoga Team offers you a new activity among its variety of practices: Movement. This practice has the advantage of acting on the performance of both the group and the personal development. This means that in addition to increasing communication, strengthening bonds, and learning to discover oneself in a different way, it allows one to gain self-confidence, to be oneself, to make room for one's creativity, for one's unexploited inner potential. It acts on well-being by releasing barriers, by letting your body speak freely in our Yoga Studio. Meditation, yoga and movement are the best ways to manage stress and learn to keep control of your body. In addition, we also offer you the possibility to customize your package by sending us your different expectations and thus satisfy them at best.
Movement has the advantage of being a little known practice, so it is a good way for participants to discover together, to start from scratch and to encourage mutual help. It is the ideal activity, complete and fun, so don't deprive your teams of this great experience.
Where to organize a teambuilding?
Gran Canaria. It is literally the ideal place to disconnect, share and focus on yourself.
This island with its varied landscapes is perfect to bring your team together by participating in the activities, games and events that take place on the island. You are totally immersed in the island life, to recharge your batteries, relieve the pressure and make discoveries in the middle of palm trees and cacti.
Meet us at the yoga studio located 50m from the beach. The studio offers a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere, ideal for discovering the movement and participating in various yoga classes.
You also have the possibility to choose a package including accommodation, located in the center of Las Palmas, very close to our Yoga Studio for a complete immersion and disconnection.
The choice of the place where to carry out a Team Building seminar is essential. It is important to feel comfortable, relaxed and connected to nature. In addition, Gran Canaria is the longest sunny island in Spain, so you can enjoy the days as a team and take in all that Gran Canaria has to offer.
Your team building seminar on the Spanish islands with the whole See Yoga Team is waiting for you!
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